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What Not To Wear in a Funeral Dressing appropriately for occasion is always a delicate affaire, especially when it comes to attending a funeral. Dressing for a funeral is all about being respectful. The outfit is meant to be a representation of your grief, so go subtle, subdued and classic. Here are few tips weContinue Reading
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Side Adjusters Do your pants have belt loops? In our opinion they should be avoided for few reasons. They detract from the formality of the suit, they interrupt its clean well-tailored lines, and most of all, they are uncomfortable. These are the reasons why tailors have created side adjusters metal tabs and adjustable buttons. TheyContinue Reading
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Learn About Surgeon's Cuffs
Surgeon’s Cuff It’s all about details when it comes to bespoke suits. One of the best hallmark detail of a custom-made suit has to be the “Working Cuffs” AKA “Surgeon’s Cuffs“. This has to go back to the time when military surgeons had to unbutton and roll their sleeves to pull out bullets from theContinue Reading
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