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What is the reason for a bespoke suit to be so impressive that actually spoils our taste for the off-the-rack suits? How can you tell a bespoke tailor made suit from a off-the-rack ones? One of the foremost indicators to the eye that signals a bespoke suit is……the lapel roll.
Lapel roll is the fall and curl of the lapel downwards from the break of the collar to the designated button. Instead of the hard-pressed lapel from the off-the-rack suits, true bespoke suit lapels are carefully hand-rolled by the tailors. This alone requires exceptional craftsmanship and pressing technique. This is why bespoke suits are a league of its own.

相信大家不一定了解Bespoke 西裝跟現成西裝比較下,在何處可以張顯出對服裝的要求及品味。其中一個明顯之處是襟領捲度。
襟領捲位是指襟領尖到第一粒鈕之間的位置。一般現成西裝只會把這位置熨直,而Bespoke 西裝因經過師傅人手處理,一針一線地將襟領縫接,行內稱為”撬襟”,需要專業技術及熨壓技巧,顯出你的個性品味。

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