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Fresco suit!

Looking for a suit for this hot summer? This fabric from Fresco is extremely breathable. You can almost feel the breeze in it. 2-Buttoned Grey Blue Suit in Fresco III Fabric, configured with 3″1/2 Notch Lapel, Straight pocket, Milanese Buttonhole, and Neapolitan Shoulder design. Matched with Wingtips Oxford Shoes in Tan Color from Gentlemen Lab

Fresco III 系列 2 粒鈕款灰藍色西裝,配上 3″1/2 Notch Lapel, 直袋,米蘭鈕門及拿玻里式袖頭設計. 配上褐色 Wingtips Oxford 款皮鞋

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