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What makes a suit fit? It all starts from the fitting of an experienced tailor. In order to achieve the perfect fit of a full bespoke suit, it takes minimum two fittings to ensure the maximum precision will be delivered to our customers. After obtaining the measurement from the fittings, a blueprint of your new suit will be created and is ready to be advanced to the next stage. This what makes a bespoke suit bespoke.

一套合身的定制西服, 取決於裁縫師的工藝,貼心及時間。當中2次試身過程對西裝成品效果十分關鍵。在第一次試身過程中,裁縫師會與顧客進行雙向溝通,透過了解客人生活習慣,工作環境等要點素並詳細記錄客人體型特點及特殊要求, 才能繪製出西裝的紙樣。為一套屬於”你”的西裝踏出下一步

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