Hong Kong bespoke Suit


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Today’s suits are divided into types or quarters, closed and open. This is commonly known as a matter of a person preference. Interestingly enough this has to trace back to 1780s when men deliberately “cut away” their coat in order to make riding a horse easier; however, in the end, deciding whether to choose a […]

style suits

Lapel Roll

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What is the reason for a bespoke suit to be so impressive that actually spoils our taste for the off-the-rack suits? How can you tell a bespoke tailor made suit from a off-the-rack ones? One of the foremost indicators to the eye that signals a bespoke suit is……the lapel roll. Lapel roll is the fall […]

suit shoulder pads


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Shoulders are the most defining element of the silhouette of a jacket. They can be natural, soft, lightly padded, padded or built up or even knocked-down. In the Brown house, we offer different shoulder constructions to suit various body figures and preferences of different customers. The English structured – the most traditional English suits have […]

Velvet Jacket

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How about something more exciting? Our velvet selections are popular amongst those who enjoy being fashionable and yet classy. It has the louche image which you can almost smell the cigar and the brandy in your hand. It can also be quite versatile, match it up with a pair of jeans and t-shirt for the […]