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Different bodies come with different sizes and shapes. Some of the body shapes will come across different challenges when it comes to finding a perfect suit. This week we will discuss about different body shapes when it comes to choosing your suit. Have you ever been in a gym, and seen some big guys with extreme development on their muscle? Bodybuilders simply can’t find any off-the-rack suits fit, simply they just don’t accommodate their massive muscular shape. The challenge for muscular men is to find clothing that doesn’t hide the results of their hard work but doesn’t exaggerate their already extreme silhouette. Bespoke suit is definitely the answer for them. One of the elements of bodybuilders you might have noticed is their pronounced ‘drop’ from the shoulder and chest to the waist. This creates a ‘diamond’ shape of the body. They also have big arms, both triceps and biceps. For many bodybuilders, it is extremely difficult for them to find suits that can cater just that. It’s safe to assume that a bodybuilder’s suits are going to need adjustment and the very least. Bespoke tailoring will offer the best look, but at the bare minimum plan on adjustments to the drape of the suit.

每一個人身形千變萬化。某一部份人因其身形特徵難以找到合身西裝。本星期我們會就不同體形而作出討論。 當你去到健身房,有否見識過一班正在大汗淋漓的筋肉人?擁有健碩身形固然充滿男子氣慨,但對於找一套合身的西服的確充滿難度,因一般現貨實難滿足到每一寸肌肉的要求。對健身人仕而言,合身的西裝要展示到他們努力的成果,又要在視覺效果上恰到好處,而Bespoke 就是最佳答案。 就身形特徵而言,健身人仕由肩到胸再到腰的線條都非常明顯,形成一個鑽石形,而他們的膊頭、二頭肌及三頭肌也十分強壯,裁缝師會因其身形變化而作出判斷,一般會預留布料待客人身形有變作出微調,讓你在呈現最佳狀態同時,而不影嚮西裝的垂墜感。

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