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3-roll-2 The 3-roll-2 cut is a peculiar look that has been specially favored by worldwide clothiers in their jackets, suits, and occasionally coats as well. The 3/2 jacket has three buttons on the chest, but only two of these have been cut for closing. The top-most third button is decorative and usually sewn on the […]

Hong Kong bespoke Suit


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Today’s suits are divided into types or quarters, closed and open. This is commonly known as a matter of a person preference. Interestingly enough this has to trace back to 1780s when men deliberately “cut away” their coat in order to make riding a horse easier; however, in the end, deciding whether to choose a […]

style suits

Lapel Roll

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What is the reason for a bespoke suit to be so impressive that actually spoils our taste for the off-the-rack suits? How can you tell a bespoke tailor made suit from a off-the-rack ones? One of the foremost indicators to the eye that signals a bespoke suit is……the lapel roll. Lapel roll is the fall […]

suit shoulder pads


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Shoulders are the most defining element of the silhouette of a jacket. They can be natural, soft, lightly padded, padded or built up or even knocked-down. In the Brown house, we offer different shoulder constructions to suit various body figures and preferences of different customers. The English structured – the most traditional English suits have […]